St Peters Basilica

St Peter’s is, undoubtedly , the mother of all Christian churches.

The place where Saint Peter was martyred, crucified and buried during Nero’s persecution rapidly became a Christian place of worship. Constantine started the first basilica in 324, but in the Renaissance it was showing signs of wear and deterioration.

When reconstructed, it was meant right from the beginning to be an architectural and a decorative achievement. Today, the largest church on the world showcases some of Italy’s greatest artists such Michelangelo’s Pietà or Bernini’s Baldacchino and Tomb of Alexander VII.

The marble sculpture, the mosaic pictures, the exorbitant gilding and the gorgeous floor tiles are everywhere you turn. In addition to its art treasures, St. Peter is unique for its relics: the Apostle’s tomb below the altar, Longinus’ spear and the head of St. Andrew are just a few examples. The Basilica will quench the thirst of everybody, from a devote pilgrim to an art history expert.


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